~~The Clothing Swap~~

**All left over items are donated to charity**

Suggested cash donation: $3

It's time again for everyone's favorite holiday, The Clothing Swap!!

*** Music provided by: Depth One ***

Come join us to shed items from your tired wardrobe and replace them with fresh, new-to-you garments. We are excited to be having another event to get us all prepared for the cooler weather! This event is a great way to extend your wardrobe AND lend a helping hand! 

>> Here’s the Scoop:
Meet us in the upstairs section of Spirit with garments, shoes and accessories from your closet that you’re ready to part with. I’ll bring mine, she’ll bring hers, he’ll bring his and then we’ll TRADE! 

>> Same routine as before: 
You are welcome to take as many items as you bring. The items you take are meant for your personal use and are not to be sold elsewhere. If you give 5 items; then you can take 5 items. Found more items than you brought? NO PROBLEM... cash donations are also accepted.

All remaining clothing and cash will be donated to charity (TBD) and to support ongoing swaps.

>> What to donate: 
Gently used men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes, shoes, outerwear, accessories, etc. We will be accepting children's clothing as well as adults. Please make sure that the clothes are clean and ready to display. 

>> When to donate: 
The closer to 2pm the better. Drop your clothes with us and we’ll sort everything thing and display it. This way you’ll have more choices. You can then head down to the brunch at Spirit (12-4p), and come back up when there is more to choose from!

>> Where to donate: 
There will be a drop-off section by the entrance, we’ll be there to direct you. Clothes will then be displayed for you to go through.  

>> Why to donate: 
Why not? It’s for a great cause and is a ton of fun!

Brunch will start being served from 12-4p, downstairs at Spirit. Drinks will be served both downstairs and upstairs.

And remember ladies, bring your men! We would love to get more guys to donate and swap! The charities we use are always in dire need of men's garments.

Let the Clothing Swap BEGIN!