WHAT?! ANOTHER DECEMBER DANCE PARTY?! surprise, 'tis a christmas miracle!

your eyes do not deceive you, younglings: as a tiny token of our gratitude to all of you for being so sweet to us month after month, we're hosting a special "STRANGEWAYS" at SPIRIT on DECEMBER 18TH, exactly one week before christmas. AND we're making this space-aged holiday event absolutely FREE for all you dancing sugarplum padawans, no matter how naughty or nice!

but: the fun doesn't stop there.

as you probably already know, this is also the opening day of "STAR WARS Episode VII: The Force Awakens," so consider taking a long lunch and joining the STRANGEWAYS crew in an official DJ team-building exercise when we attend the 12:30pm imax 3d viewing at AMC LOWES waterfront theatre. tickets still available for a limited time. it will be a most wonderful adventure!

how much holiday magic can you cram into a single power cycle? (let's find out!) ho ho xo

STRANGEWAYS: the unofficial star wars holiday afterparty
featuring djs jesley snipes + the comback kid

60s / 70s / 80s / 90s / 00s / 10s
britpop / postpunk / indie / psych

10pm // 21+ // FREE