tOTAL TRASH: a (monthly) Thursday night party that (tries to) cram together (obscure) tunes not normally spun at your average dance night (while still throwing in a few well-known faves here and there). We’ve held shindigs at the amazing Blue Moon (where we’ll still play some rad stuff), Spirit, Hot Mass, and at countless friends’ impromptu 2 AM living room hangout parties. 

BUT starting in December we’re taking over the "80s Night" spot the 1st Thursday of every month at Spirit. 

This time around expect Daniel, Ricky, and Sari (of Remedy's Cure for Restless Legs) to spin a steaming pile of 70s/80s/90s/00s post-punk, new wave, synth pop, punk, jangle pop, shoegaze, twee, riot grrrl, electro, and other weird sub-genres your mom's never heard of. 


 Bring booze money + tip money. Everyone's invited + invite everyone. It starts early and goes late, so no reasons to miss it! All very exciting.