farESH Brand and JENESIS Magazine bring you a unique mixed-genre LIVE concert experience, "The City"!

The night features LIVE performances from Tairey, Chalk Dinosaur & special guest Bindley Hardware Co.

Following the LIVE show will be DJ sets from the one and only Socratee and Christo.

Come out and enjoy this FREE showcase. 



Twitter: @_tairey

"The music I make is a reflection of my mood from a certain time. Everything I make is inspired by actual events or experiences. It may seem like I'm just making music about girls but literally everything I say has a meaning that me and that other person know about. It's not me talking to the world about my feelings, trying to get them to understand me. It's me talking to one other person and the world just happens to relate because a lot of people have been in the same situations or felt the same way.”

Chalk Dinosaur
Twitter: @ChalkDinosaur


"Chalk Dinosaur is a creative vessel with the goals of good vibes and thought provoking music. For my live music, I want to provide an atmosphere and energy that people can get lost in. Strong rhythms, tight bass, and spacey atmospheres are what I love to play."

All 9 Chalk Dinosaur albums are available for free at www.chalkdinosaur.bandcamp.com

Bindley Hardware Co.
Twitter: @JonBindley

"Singer-songwriter Jon Bindley and his company band with a keen take on Americana/Folk music from the Athens of the South to the Paris of Appalachia.”