A dance party, a fruckin awe- some dance party where you can do you. Dance off all that week. You have to let loose sometimes on a Thursday.

You gotta get your ass on the dance floor even if it’s just for a drink & a jam. Don’t personally see nothin wrong with a little bump n grind, do you? You could meet some peeps here, people like you that can get funky on a Thursday.

The kind of people that are into turning up on a Thursday cause the weekends are a mess of thots and jawns on the prowl. Thursday is the real night out, the night you can let your tits hang. Noone can judge you on a Thursday.

You can dance the Elaine, you can do the electric slide to Hotline Bling, you can chair boogie like a fat aunt with a bad knee. Get loose, yinz, get funky. Or just chill and have a beer and some pizza.

It’s that kinda vibe. It’s Thursday, bae.