January 2nd is Berchtold Day (Berchtoldstag or Bärzelitag), a national holiday held throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Folks celebrate in pubs + restaurants by getting together + exchanging good wishes for the new year. Neighborhoods celebrate with live music + singing + dancing + the occasional creepy costumed-parade.

Kids start hoarding nuts in early autumn to save up for a "nut feast," where nuts are eaten and nut games are played throughout the day. Pretty great, eh?

This year we'll bring the celebration to Spirit for a rager w/ tunes supplied by Adam Shuck (The Glassblock), Stepherson Airplane (Bubblepop), and Dan Barrett + Ricky Moslen (tOTAL TRASH). You bring your nuts, your dirty nut puns, and some cash (bar = cash only). 

Tunes will span the pop, electronic, post-punk, obscure indie, and psychedelic spectrum.

No creepy parades (we think?), but masks are encouraged. 
We hope you like nuts. 
Lots of nuts. 
If you have allergies, better stay home.