This month's FREE event features 5 local bands covering Nirvana Unplugged. The bands can interpret the song however they want.

VRIL will perform: 
1. About a girl
2. Come as you are
3. Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam

Boys will perform:
4. The man who sold the world
5. Pennyroyal Tea
6. Dumb

Talkers will perform: 
7. Polly
8. On a plain
9. Something in the way

Boiled Denim will perform:
10. Oh me
11. Plateau
12. Lake of fire

Whitney Ann Jenkins and her Platonic Guy Friends will perform: 
13. All apologies
14. Where did you sleep last night.

Loyal Order is not an open mic. Musician's don't play a short set of their strongest, most-practiced material. They don't show up with a mailing list and CDs for sale. They focus on doing something totally outside of their comfort zones. 

Loyal Order is a collaboration between musicians - to debut a side project, play an unfamiliar instrument, or even to perform old songs backwards. If you're a metal band, play acoustic; if you're a noise band, maybe do some covers. Project a film onto the stage and improvise a score. 

It's a place to give that crazy idea a chance. Loyal Order is a place where the music rules don't apply.

Interested Musicians can contact for future shows.