$7 cover


Instrumentum Percolatus
Travelling to our fine city for his first appearance to share his innovative lofi beats manipulating the infamous sp 404 live with mastery and style!

Yorel Tifsim
Incredibly talented dynamo with amazing futuristic beats and rhymes, a truly forward thinking breakout artist we are very proud to bring to the stage!

Bilal Abbey x Clara Kent
Leaders of the pittsburgh new school out here with beautiful and refreshing soul hip hop flavors that will captivate you

Long time lyrical goddess blesses our microphone with poems to sink into your domes and make you leave your homes

Pushing the electronic experimental hip hop flavors boundries year to year to year with always ill next ish to hear

Surprising us with a set of captivating hip hop past and present throughout the evening with flair, the o.g. back at it

Bars Blackman and Lazy Jp are lazy blackman, the extra nice lyrical duo that continually gaurantee unique and exciting live sets

Travelling to battle mc's in all corners of the globe we are fortunate to witness a rare performance from this genius mc

Moemaw Naedon
You have been living under a rock if you haven't checked out any releases or videos from one of the greatest wordsmiths this city has ever seen, we cant wait to
see what he has in store for us now which is always very eagerly anticipated

0h85 X Spednar
These two are a household name in the local underground here that will bring us a tag team set of material you wont get from them elsewhere
especially chosen to mesh with the vibe of this event we cant wait to hear from this creative artistic force

SPEDNAR is also the VJ this night all things visual created controlled and manipulated to accompany the amazing sounds