OTHER COLORS (Baltimore / Friends Records)

W/ DAVE FELL (Bmore)

+ giling (wonderful local)

9pm / $5 suggested

Other Colors is an exploratory pop group from Baltimore comprised of longtime collaborators William Ryerson and Daniel Whatley, with a rotating cast of characters.

Their proper debut album, 'Free Thoughts', was recorded in 2012 by Dan Frome (Big Ups, Expert Alterations). A more polished and recognizably rock affair, it features contributions from notable musicians including Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak) and Dave Jacober (Dope Body). Released on their own Genpop imprint in early 2013, the album incorporates introspective folk-rock moods and atmospheric production into a set of memorable songs. To follow up, they recorded a two song seven-inch with Chester Endersby Gwazda (Future Islands, Dan Deacon) that more accurately captured the band’s dreamy live sound.

The band recorded their second album, 'Natural Motion' throughout 2015 with Chris Freeland (Lower Dens, Wye Oak) at Beat Babies. This new record draws stylistic inspiration from forgotten AM radio hits and the smoother side of krautrock, conjuring tender soft-rock vibes through the fractured lens of contemporary underground pop. Filled with imaginative arrangements and first-rate songcraft, 'Natural Motion' is a major step forward for the group: a lush, fully realized sound experience with abundant melodic treasures waiting to be uncovered.

'Natural Motion' is out now on Friends Records.