As the holidays approach, many of us retreat into a quiescent state, bracing ourselves for the ensuing chaos of commerce and cranberry sauce. and sure enough, as crazy relatives descend into your sacred realm of personal space, inevitably, the chrysalis begins to harden and the cocoon of stability, sheltering us from the melee, begins to come apart at the seams. 

but much like the great monarch butterfly, perhaps we can emerge a stronger, more vibrant version of our former selves, and we can soar above the post-turkey aftermath of the thanksgiving shuffle and transcend the consumer cyclone of competitive shopping. if only there were someplace to go...

boom: "STRANGEWAYS". we got you covered!

and so, on BLACK FRIDAY no less, look no further than ye olde SPIRIT LODGE for a night of first flight: far-out sounds, stunning visual think-pieces, and righteous party vibes! bring a friend, make a friend, have a friend, hold a friend. we'll be the dance party that's always there for you. xo

strangeways: a better life through dancing
60s / 70s / 80s / 90s / 00s / 10s
britpop / postpunk / indie / psych

djs jesley snipes & the comeback kid
•visuals by marie mashyna•
10pm-2am // 21+ // $5