Join us for a night of synths and music! Come play with a variety of instruments and learn about the theory and uses of modular synthesizers. Starting at 8, a stellar lineup of local and touring musicians will perform using an array of electronic sound sources. Plus, IT'S FREE!

This event is co-presented with our friends at VIA!

Approx set times below:

8:15 - On The Highway Losing Feeling In My Hands - AV set (Boston)

Squelcher strives to reference sounds of the past while also attempting to unearth sounds of future futures. This tour coincides with the first release of their self-titled LP.

Soundscapes littered with the abstractions of drone and techno, all of which are improvised to stereo and self-contained within the modular without the aid of midi or computers, approaching the instrument more like a jazz musician than a programmer. 

Generating one-of-a-kind visual textures with an analog video synthesizer, layered, keyed and fed back into themselves as a way to paint with a television in real-time. 

9:00 - thoughtForm (Pgh)

9:45 - Skeletonized (Pgh)

10:30 - Venus in Furs (Pgh)

11:15 - Old Money Jesus (Pgh, band led by Alexi Morrissey)