The Black Bat Society presents it's latest creation, Spirit Board

A night of the 80's and 90's alternative, goth, dark wave, post-punk, synth pop, industrial, and all the tunes of yesteryear your dark hearts desire!

9PM - 2AM // $3 // 21+

••DJ StarByte••
StarByte's accomplishments and talents as a dj are as impressive as they are interesting. To have a feel for her well-versed background for 80's and 90's music, please have a look at her former residencies and you'll notice immediately that these accomplishments can only be achieved by the highly talented and experienced.
Slimelight-London • Area 51-industrial London • Jacobs-Ohio • Assertion-Michigan • Labyrinth-Michigan

••Dj Samarai••
Well known throughout Pittsburgh for his talents as an alternative DJ, this night could simply not be a success without his participation. Running the 80's night at Lava Lounge and DJ for The Inn Termission Lounge, The Smiling Moose, and the Night Gallery, Sam brings unmatched knowledge and skills to the Spirit Board

••Dj PhoeniXXX••
Nearly synonymous with Pittsburgh’s alternative and goth culture, he is the promoter for all of this city's largest goth-industrial club events as well as it's largest fetish events. He has taken this city’s particular talents and flavors across the Unites States, Making his mark at premier venues, massive concerts, and major music festivals. As a Night shift Dj and creator of Voodoo, Resurrection, and the Bondage Ball, Spirit Board will sure have the right kick on the dance floor

••Dj Eclipse••
All who know Eclipse fall in love immediately and those who do not, quickly follow suit. Eclipse's talents and connoisseur like knowledge of all things dark and obscure have landed several large guest spots and residencies at nights such as Cobwebs, Club Nemesis, Obscure, & Effigy.