SubSanctuary Presents: The Mind Flip Tour Pittsburgh
7PM // $12 // 21+

Come out to one of Pittsburgh's only psychedelic bass music events hosted by MindFlip Records & SubSanctuary featuring 6 talented musicians, live painters, installations, and visionary craft vendors at Spirit Lounge in Lawrenceville.  

If you'd like to volunteer or be a part of our street team in exchange for a guest list to the show, contact Duff B Southcoast or Jason Marc Winkleman. We'd love to have you on the crew for this special event :)

Sonic melodies and heaving basslines provided by:

Wink (Pittsburgh, PA)

Pennsylvania resident Wink has been spinning bass music in Pittsburgh and across the northeast for the last half decade. Seamlessly weaving sonic palettes to drive the dance floor through a coaster of audio delight, he is known for spinning for hours on end at parties, shows, hotel rooms and the likes. Combining glitch hop with IDM, downtempo and more, Wink is sure to bring the vibe to the dancefloor and leave you wanting more.



Spundose is a musician/music producer whose ancient-future sound fuses many elements to stimulate imagination and collective consciousness expansion. Supporting and catalyzing a curious, caring, and loving mindfulness within society, providing intensely pleasurable sonic vibrations for the earminds of a progressive and sustainable culture!


Jade Cicada

**Fresh off three shows with the infamous squishy breaks master, David Tipper

Skyler Golden (aka Jade Cicada) is an electronic music producer, sound designer, and mastering engineer who lives in Lenox, MA. As a kid he studied classical clarinet and eventually evolved towards electronic music. As a Berklee College of Music graduate, he was trained in advanced jazz theory as well as many forms of sound design. His music combines original sound design, high quality production value, and an innate sense of harmony and rhythm. If one had to generalize his style, it would be a combination of garage, 8 bit, ambient, glitch, neuro, drum and bass, and hip hop.


S h a n t i
Shanti (from Sanskrit शान्तिः)

means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, or bliss. I am here to produce all of the above for you in frequencies, that come from the heart and all three eyes.


Sacral Crown

Sacral Crown is the musical project of Elisha Israel, raised in Ann Arbor, MI but currently residing in Asheville, NC. The name takes inspiration from the seven chakras, the sacral being associated with pleasure and happiness whereas the crown is associated with spirituality and enlightenment. Sacral Crown seeks to create downtempo grooves with a tuned ear for the culture and spiritual nature of our current society.


Face Plant

The face is the primary means of emotional expression. To plant is to place something with the intention to have it grow. It's with these ideas in mind that Face Plant looks to create and express emotions through his music. In order to facilitate the growth of the mind, Face Plant aims to plant inspiration in his listeners and to become a plant of sorts himself; manufacturing emotions.


Live Visuals provided by Between The Dimensions

Artists will be announced as we get closer to the date. We are still accepting submissions for painters and vendors so feel free to contact us about being further involved!

We have a ton of surprises in store for this one in celebration of MindFlip Records' inagural, multi-city tour and SubSanctuary's 2nd year throwing proper, intention gatherings centered around co-creation, powerful low frequencies, and, always, m o v e m e n t.

Event is 21+ with full bar**

Tickets will be available at the door only for $10. 

We will be accepting toy/clothing donations to give to a local collection organization and have donations boxes for Mindflip Records as well as SubSanctuary if you wish to contribute to our mission.

Big love to everyone out there who can be with us on this righteous evening of bass exploration. Bring a new friend out to a really wonderful event and help us flip some minds with the power of love, expression, and radical positivity ♥