10PM // FREE // 21+

Back in the 2000's most of us were loser high schoolers, or know-it-all college dorks, or young "adults" in some form. Back in the 00's, if you went to pitchfork.com, you'd find a farmer's site selling pitchforks. Back in the 00's, your fave movie was Donnie Darko. Back in the 00's, your mom wouldn't be caught dead on Facebook. Times have changed. Now we're all old and disgusting. Lovely, isn't it?

So join RickySari, and special guest Calvin for a night celebrating 2000-2009.  

Spirit. 9:30 - ?

What should you expect?
Indie Rock/Punk
Indie Pop
Weirder stuff (that's still dancey)
+ more obscure gems. maybe some underground hip-hop. maybe an Andrew WK party jam or two. 

Free. Bring booze money + tip money. Everyone's invited + invite everyone. It starts early and goes late, so no reasons to miss. All very exciting.