9:30PM-2AM // $5 cover is a donation to The Midwife Center // 21+

Worship the goddess and watch these bands. This show is a benefit to support the expansion of The Midwife Center, which provides reproductive health care to the women of Pittsburgh.

DERIDER: dreamy, noisy rock from Pgh via somewhere else. this band contains at least one doula

VOSTOK: psychedelic rock you will love

CHOIR: heavy, fab and so fucking cool

The Midwife Center is expanding!
For over 33 years The Midwife Center has been dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming alternative to having a baby in a hospital, as well as compassionate and personalized primary gynecological care. However, we’ve reached our limit for how many women and families we can serve per year. At the same time, many communities in our area are experiencing some of the worst maternal and infant outcomes in the nation. 

To address the growing demand for our services and to help improve the health of women and families, our facility is about to undergo a transformation that will more than double the size of the building and enable our staff to provide more comprehensive services to a larger and more diverse clientele. We plan to add more birth suites, a classroom, more appointment rooms, and other spaces - plus much-needed programs and services including behavioral health. We've raised $2 million of our $3 million goal and we're very close to breaking ground! Learn more at transform.midwifecenter.org