let's face it, change can be hard. remember when your parents got divorced? or when the guy from the new york dolls turned into buster poindexter? or when the new orleans jazz moved to... UTAH?!? scary stuff.

but change can also be exciting! it is perhaps the only time when one gets a free pass to use phrases such as "new beginnings" and "the dawning of a new age" without sounding like a hype-fueled lunatic. so you can be sure we will take full advantage of this opportunity moving forward... truly, it is a magical time!! 

during these chaotic transitional periods, there are some who toil in the throes of uncertainty; struggling helplessly in a sea of indecision, barely making it through the day. yet "STRANGEWAYS" HQ choose to forge ahead, moving boldly and confidently into the future. they feel the wind at their backs gently pushing them onward, and soon they will be caressed by the glistening spray of a perfect world that lies just beyond the horizon. 

and since spring is here and the city is teeming with life, they couldn't think of a better time to embark on the dawning of a new party era, 2.0-style.

so it gives them great pleasure, during this hallowed time of rejuvenation and rebirth, to formally announce the official relocation of "STRANGEWAYS" to the incomparable SPIRIT LODGE.

they are completely revitalized, and ready to rage! they hope that you join us for the inaugural celebration of their new chapter of dancifcation. see you all soon... xo!

f.or f.ans o.f
of Montreal / Talking Heads / David Bowie / The Smiths / Guided By Voices / The Beach Boys / Happy Mondays / The Stone Roses / Buzzcocks / XTC / The Kinks / Roxy Music / Stereolab / Blondie / Nick Lowe / Belle and Sebastian / The Cure / Supergrass / Pulp / St. Vincent / The Who

60s / 70s / 80s / 90s / 00s / 10s
britpop / postpunk / indie / psych

djs jesley snipes & the comeback kid
•visuals by marie mashyna•
friday, may 20th, 2016
spirit lodge
10pm-2am // 21+ // $5