By: Jay Michael Del Greco


            A native of Western Pennslyvania, I have lived and worked in and around the Pittsburgh area my whole life. I've been making art since childhood, but I've been showing since 1998, participating in more than 80 exhibitions so far. I loosely refer to my works as paintings for sake of brevity and convenience, knowing that they're too sculptural to be technically classified that way. More accurately I believe the term "wall sculpture" is more appropriate.

            Regardless of its classification and construction the purpose of my work is always the same. With each new piece I aim to create the most beautiful thing that I can, and express myself entirely with it. In recent years my work has shifted away from the stoic and cerebral to the purely emotional and evocative. I regard art simply as another language, with its own syntax and vocabulary. I use my art as a mode of making statements that are better expressed visually than verbally or with written words. It's fair to say that I use my art as a mode of self-exploration, though it's also important to note that I use it as a mode of self-definition too.

            My interest in philosophy and voracious appetite for literature and music has played a considerable role in the development of my work. A vehement atheist since the age of 18, I have renounced any and all religious beliefs in favor of the human will to create as my highest moral ideal.

FREE show w/ Solarburn, Enhailer, and Tartarus.