Featured Visual Artist: Zeb Love

Performances By:
The Me Toos
Bands start at 9pm


About the Arist:
"Zebulon Love is a Pittsburgh-area illustrator and print maker specializing in neo-folk art. As a poster artist, a bulk of his work revolves around idyllic pastoral landscapes with iconic midwestern symbolism, strung along a meandering and elaborate sightline, creating a constellation of truly evocative visual narratives. There is depth and movement in his work. Love started designing in 2008 by making merchandise and record layouts for many local bands. In 2010 he taught himself the basics of screen printing and made a series of art prints. In 2012, he was commissioned to make his first poster for the Avett Brothers. In the 4+ years since, Zeb Love has created over 85 original art prints and gig posters, has been a part of 18 gallery shows across the United States, and a solo art show in London. "