Major Heavy & Swig-Art Present AFROHEAT!

AFROHEAT! is back again with a big dose of the Afro-Rhythms that make you move. We are pleased to welcome DJ VEX back to the burgh for this reunion. Join us for over 4+ hours of Deep, Funky Afrobeat, Afrohouse, Afrolatin, Afrobeats, Afrofuture and AfroBrazilian rhythm's to keep you on the floor.

Norman Brown's artwork ( has been featured on most of the flyers from this year but a long time supporter/partner/friend of AFROHEAT! recently traveled to Ghana and shared some pictures with us to play with. Special thanks to our Model: Jourdan Hicks.

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When: 9:30p-2a
Cost: $5
Restrictions: 21+ and not afraid to dance.


Shirts and sweatshirts will be available for sale on site.

- AFROHEAT! Sound System (Dj VEX & SMI)

Volume One

Volume Two

"... African music. It's music of the people. It's music of togetherness." - Fela Kuti