Diner salad, lettuce, herbs, onions, cucumbers, bread crumbs
Potato Salad, roasted vegetables, raw vegetables
Fried eggplant and borage with sumac
Grilled zucchini sandwich
(Add egg, $1)
Mortadella and sunny-side egg sandwich.
DESSERT IS A SURPRISE! Becca is going to try to pick peaches tomorrow, if so...peach cobbler with custard, baby!

All veggies grown by our friends at Who Cooks for You Farm and Becca's backyard. All other ingredients is hunt down until Becca finds something that induces happiness. Bread is PA wheat, naturally leavened, and Becca is giving it all she's got.

These eggs are from Weatherbury Farm, and they are the most amazing eggs ever.

Most of this food is vegan, so come veg out.

On the Patio and in the Lodge
All ages welcome
$$ only.