If you ask any employee at Spirit that worked (or even just attended) the first Rock Lottery what their favorite Spirit events of all time were/are, it won't take them long to mention the Rock Lottery. The first one was held during the Super Bowl so most of you missed it.

What is the Rock Lottery? Well, on a Saturday night we acrew 30 random local musicians from 30 local bands (this year, to name a few, we have members of Host Skull, Talkers, Shaky Shrines, Derider, Boiled Denim, Ancient History, Different Places in Space, Standard Broadcast and Rhythm N Steel) and we put everyone's name in a hat and draw teams until we have 6 brand new bands. Those bands then have 24 hours to write 3 original songs and 1 cover. They will then perform those tunes for you and your lovelies the following Sunday night (Aug 7th).