The fall leg of the 2017 Starlight Tour brings The Right Now back to Spirit Lodge. This will be an early set (shout-out to the grown folks!) packed with TRN favorites from the new Starlight album and their first two albums. Watch as Stefanie leads the boys through a groovy, fun, emotional set -- and see why Jim DeRogatis (Sound Opinions) said "I think [Stefanie Berecz] is much stronger on their forthcoming album Starlight than Adele was on her last two records. Yes, I'm saying that she is that good."

Watch the "Too Late" video! 

Working Breed from Pittsburgh opens the show at 7 pm!

Working Breed is a scintillating quartet that writes original and eclectic Art Rock full of surprises. Their unique musical compositions are formed with a rock base that is interwoven by elements of jazz, blues, reggae, and many other genre themes. Lead vocalist Erika J C Laing ranges from torch singer to sopranic, and is surrounded on stage by a bevvy of musical instruments that are tastefully interspersed amongst the solid foundation set by Mike Dugan on guitar, Jonah Petrelli on bass, and Kieran Bittles on drums. Their adventurous energy is infectious, and their performance an experience!