Join us for a night of live electronic/synth music done by hand with machines. Visuals by Revy.




Revy has been purveying his unique techno for over 15 years all throughout the US & Canada, from basements to deserts and everything in between. He is also known for creating and managing the prolific Bleepsequence netlabel, responsible for over 50 free releases focused on thought provoking experimental electronic music. He is also 1/2 of the upstart techno jam duo Untethered, and actively releasing and remixing new material with other labels such as Anode Recordings, Make Mistakes, and Mesa Recordings.

.Glo Phase

Dreamy dance and/or chill music. Glo Phase is the solo electronic project of Joseph Rusnak, professional composer and local Pittsburgh music veteran. His debut "Tunnels for Star Veins" combines multiple genres, spanning from house, hip hop, ambient, downtempo, bass, disco and more. While based in synthesizers and electronics Rusnak regularly incorporates drums, guitar, bass and vocals into his recordings. Computer-less live sets include improvised song forms on analog gear and luminous butterflies.


Creating synth-pop and dreamwave for over a decade, and collaborating with such artists as Chase Smith and Shawn Rudiman, synth-guru Variar improvises a soundscape of nostalgia and electro-funk with a variety of analog synthesizers and looper pedals. With releases on Pittsburgh Tracks (Model Human) and 30th Floor Records.