spoiler alert: 

"STRANGEWAYS " Inc. is thrilled to announce that Pizzburgh's most huggable DJ duo has teamed up with Netflix™, the Spirit Corporation, Ian Brill Industries, and the Marie Mashyna Foundation to present to you, dear Facebook event invitee, the most spectacularly-branded Halloween tie-in event of the season*... it's "Strangerways" in Spirit Hall!

first: on FRIDAY OCT 27th, get up early and call in sick. tell work you won't be in that day, and depending on how the weekend goes, you might not be there on Monday, either! 

then, put on a pot of strong coffee, pop some Eggo waffles into the toaster, and text mom to see if you can "borrow" the password to your parents' Netflix account.

next, immediately begin binging on the second season of the highly anticipated "Stranger Things". monsters! eighties nostalgia! cute girls with short hair! how many episodes will you be able to get through before the big event, hmmm? 

afterwards, put on that costume that's still on the floor from the previous weekend and head on over to everyone's favorite watering hole for one of the wildest holiday parties of the year!

BASK under the meticulously crafted and truly spectacular Creep Show Vault installation created by the able hands and warped brilliance of famed Pittsburgh visual artist, Ian Brill. 

COWER amongst the (e)erie projections of everyone's favorite auteur-of-the-night, Marie "Ghost in the" Mashyna.

DANCE within the psychedelic splendor of this impressive, sound reactive, architectural wonder, set to a soundtrack of your favorite tunes courtesy of party ringleaders: J. Snipes & the CB Kid.

and with so much corporate synergy surging through the air, we are thrilled to be able to keep the entrance fee to this spooky extravaganza at the low, low, price of only FIVE U.S. DOLLARS. 

guaranteed to be a truly magical, one of a kind, event. 
Don't miss out! xoxo

strange(r)ways: a better life through dancing
60s / 70s / 80s / 90s / 00s / 10s
britpop / postpunk / indie / psych

w/ djs jesley snipes & the comeback kid
visuals by ian brill & marie mashyna
friday, october 27, 2017
spirit hall
9pm // 21+ // $5

*some restrictions apply