Rostrum Records and Justin Strong are proud to present
Spirit Sessions, a new monthly live open mic and stage at Spirit Lodge. Now on the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month. The goal of the night is provide a stage for artistic and social expression, while encouraging artists to hone their craft.

Poets, Vocalists, MCs, Musicians, Comedians....all are welcomed.
Rock with the band or without; NO PRERECORDED TRACKS.

*** The night will be broadcast Live and Recorded. By performing you are giving permission to use your audio/video to promote the night. Rostrum Records and Justin Strong will not own any of the footage ****

Live House Band - Paul Franchyze Keys Trio
Host - Jeremiah Davis
Feature Artist - Ryan MoemawNaedon Macomber* (10:30p-10:50p)

Doors/Sign Up List 8p / Stage time 8:30p-12a

*** Update ****
For the first half of the night (8:30p-10p), there will be 10 slots. Each slot gets to do 2 pieces and/or 7 mins of stage time.
For the second half of the night (10:30p-12a), there will be 11 slots.
Each slot gets to do 1 piece and/or 4.5 mins of stage time.
Use your stage time to perform, save the autobiographies for bar talk while we're mingling after the open mic.


$5 Cover

Bring your 'A' Game. You never know who will be in the building or watching online. 

About Moemaw Naedon:

Moemaw Naedon is a lyricist and producer best known for his work with Fortified PhonetX, Galactic Brethren, Circular Signals, his latest release,Travel Through, and his energetic live stage performance. His production is sample heavy and dusty and his rhymes are poetic and abstract, often delivered with a calm yet intense cadence which he is always honing and improving. His first official recorded project was "The Plastic Eaters" with Fortified PhonetX. He then made the sci fi based "Galactic Brethren" project with his long time friend, Brother Seamus, where he dove into an intense linear collaboration between the two, as well as recording, mixing and mastering. His next release was the Circular Signals project with The Latebloomer. This work displayed another side, focused more on introspection than combative rhymes, he also mixed and mastered this whole album in his home studio. His latest project "Travel Through" is a collaboration between him and Pittsburgh producer Billy Hoyle. On this project, he is the only one rapping which allows the audience to explore his mind state and brings to the forefront some of his own personal issues while keeping the journey very metaphysical for the listener. He continues to work with various producers from all over, performs regularly, and can still be found in freestyle cyphers and even the occasional rap battle. Usually when one project is finished, two more are on their way, so be on the lookout for a growing music catalogue from Moemaw Naedon while he explores different mystic realms, rhyme styles and techniques while aiming to improve his craft with each release.