YOU CAN HELP - A Family Friendly Canned Food Drive Party

6p-9p - all ages & family friendly
9p-2a - 21 and over dance party

This holiday season, join us in helping those in need while experiencing a one-of-a-kind, Andy Warhol inspired event. Throughout his life, Andy helped out at soup kitchens so it only felt right to use his iconic Campbell's Soup can artwork to inspire *you* to help out as well.

The event will feature a plethora of music, art, interactive installations and numerous ways for you to help:

DANCE: DJs playing throughout the night
**Pandemic Pete (Pandemic, Pittonkatonk)
**Arie Cole (Slappers & Bangers, Yass Queen)
**Jesley Snipes (Strangeways)
**Keebs (LazerCrunk, Fuzz)

SEE/PLAY: Witness and participate in these experiences
**Recreation of Andy Warhol's Silver Factory / Silver Cloud room - 50 silver pillows magically floating delicately for you to interact with as you desire.
**Stacks of Andy's iconic Brilloboxes re-designed by Brian Gonnella placed around Spirit Hall, to be moved, stacked, knocked down and rearranged.
**Live projection mapped super-sized soup cans and other visual projections courtesy of Pittsburgh's Projectile Objects.
**Large scale Warhol inspired spray art created by Shane Pilster of the Rivers of Steel project at the Carrie Furnace.
**Join the experience by dressing the part: wear your hippest 70's mod attire!

HELP: Contribute in as many ways as you *can*!
**Donate a can of food upon entrance and get a free can of PBR, one of our generous sponsors!
**Donated goods from local businesses and artists will be on display for you to win. Chinese auction tickets will be sold and the gifts will be raffled off during the event.
**All proceeds of the event will be donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank to help them put food on the tables of local families.

Entrance fee: Adults - $5 , Kids - Free
Fun Pass - $10 - includes admission to Tall Tee’s (2000’s hip hop) downstairs in the Lodge