*tree shaped arrangement of yule-themed words*
*tinsel basically everywhere* 
*space heaters on full blast*

well, it's official, fam. the holiday season is in full swing, and everyone here at "STRANGEWAYS" HQ is getting in the spirit. in fact, as you read this festive event description, j. snipes is currently tangled in a giant ball of christmas lights, the comeback kid is up to his ears in soy nog, and the interns... well, you don't even want to know what the interns have gotten themselves into. 

it's a positively magical time and we are so happy that we get to ride its crest with you!! the only thing on our wish list this year is the hope that we will all be swept up in a wave of benevolent magnanimity, leaving the city dripping in a pool of joy and kindness. 

so stuff that in your stocking!

until then, if you still have shopping on your agenda, remember: "STRANGEWAYS" is a perfect last-minute gift idea for friends and family. share the gift of dance with your loved ones this holiday season. but good luck trying to conceal it, because all the wrapping paper in the world can't contain these positive vibes!!

v. excited. see you soon!! xoxo

strangeways: a better life through dancing
60s / 70s / 80s / 90s / 00s / 10s
britpop / postpunk / indie / psych

djs jesley snipes & the comeback kid
•visuals by marie mashyna•
9:30pm-2am // 21+ // $5