Hardest alley-cat of the year
$5 registration
@ Spirit Pgh 242 51st St
Bike parking provided by Bike Pittsburgh

11am: Infinite Pizza brunch at Spirit $13 (optional)
12pm: Registration opens $5
1pm: Race starts
3pm: Checkpoints close
4pm: Race ends
5pm: Prizes/podium

The Frigid Bitch is a hard as shit ladies-only alleycat that happens mid Feb every year. Register day-of at Spirit for $5; registration includes 1 numbered spokecard, a map and a manifest. There is a 1 hour interim period between reg opening and the race start for racers to study their maps/manifests and plan their route. You will have 2 hours to hit as many checkpoints as you can (1 checkpoint minimum to place) and 1 hour after checkpoints close to get back to Spirit. 

Racers will be ranked based on 1) how many checkpoints they hit, and then 2) how quickly they finished. 
1st: Racer hits 7 checkpoints and finishes at 4:30
2nd: Racer hits 7 checkpoints and finishes at 4:45
3rd: Racer hits 6 checkpoints and finishes at 4:00

PRIZES RUN DEEP. Hit at least 1 checkpoint: win something. Get out there! And remember, if it's BALLS COLD, the less women that show up, THE MORE PRIZES YOU TAKE HOME. 

Don't think you're ready to race an alleycat? WRONG. You fuckin are. If I'm lucky, it'll be the coldest day of the year again, but WHO CARES. Get out there and ride as far as you can. Then come back. Not sure how alley cats work? Here, let me fill you in. Show up at Spirit w 5 bux, grab your spoke card, and study your manifest. This will tell you where you need to go. You can ride ANY ROUTE to the checkpoints and you decide which ones to hit first. Study your map! Make teams! Or not. Teams don't count at the finish line. This race is DIY and you figure out how you're gonna execute it. There will be volunteers at each checkpoint who will mark down your spokecard number to prove you showed. So remember your #. When the checkpoints close, bolt back to Spirit, lock your bike, and find me so I can mark your time. This ain't a USAC race so don't claim you finished before your friend but it took you longer to lock your bike up. It's an urban race, damnit, lock your bike faster! 

After the race there will be a celebration of andrenaline-flushed kick-ass women sharing winter bike battle stories; you don't want to miss it. 

There will be less bullshit happening at each checkpoint. No surprises. You're welcome. 

Don't piss off the volunteers

As always, we need a slew of volunteers. If trends continue, this race will be in subzero icy snowy temps. Volunteer shifts will be one hour. You can handle it

ALL THAT SCHWAG YOU TAKE HOME donated by our excellent sponsors: 
Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association
Aero Tech Designs
Analog Forest
Banker Supply
Bike Pittsburgh
Black Girls Do Bike
Chrome Industries
Cocoa Elite
Dirt Rag Magazine
Duchess of Dutches
DZR Shoes
Free Ride
Hold Fast
Jeff Guerrero Ceramics
Kindred Cycles
La Prima Espresso Co. Racing
Live Jaunt
Mattress Factory - Museum of Contemporary Art
North Ave Candles
OTB Bicycle Cafe
Row House Cinema
Snakebite Racing
The Wheel Mill

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