VIA & La Squadra pres a night of
All Femme No Rave Anthems

VIA APP (Dylan Scheer) is a key member of Brooklyn's emerging electronic music underground - making club music that serves both the head and the feet. " of the city’s most prodigious Bossa Nova Civic Club or Trans-Pecos... you’ll notice immediately that she prefers caustic and uncomfortable music, and her style is defined by a jitter and mercurial mixing that delightfully defies the streamlined logic of by-the-book techno. On her third studio album, Sixth Stitch, Scheer presents an ominous and decidedly gothic vision of club music." -- Pitchfork

California's Just The Right Height delivers noise from the righteously wrong side of trash island, with support from Elle Excess and Nancy Dr0ne on Pittsburgh's La Squadra imprint.

Live-code viz from Pgh's Char Stiles. 

VIA APP (nyc)

Just the Right Height (CA)