Artwork by Rachel Dawn Renaudin

I am an observational oil painter enraptured by the human experience. The very act of any form of Art can be viewed as a portal to a perception; this intrigue drives my approach, compelling me to harmonize precise drawings with a thematically painted manipulation of form, light, and color. There are countless internal and external factors that create a tone to a moment and I work to reach out to the audience and build an intense experience with every brushstroke I take. Observing contemporary life, my subject matter is often placed in a common and relateable environment, reaching to imbue the fleeting feelings that show themselves in and out of everyday life. In a world that is quickly transitioning towards a more enclosed and passive form of sharing emotion, I feel using physical paint on canvas has never had a more impactful opportunity. I draw to speak. I paint to feel alive.

Performances by: 
Aris Paul

No cover all night