RB Presents: ClubHouse


100% House - 100% Club - 100% Party

Catch Singapore's own SIN-PIT and New York's Seams spinning Club and House music ALL NIGHT!

SIN - PIT is a DJ from Singapore now residing in Pittsburgh. She specializes in booty-twitching House, namely: Afro, Acid, Leftfield and Proto. Having started as a WRCT radio DJ, she picked up mixing while hosting weekly shows and since then has DJed for numerous dance parties in Pittsburgh.

Hailing from New York, Seams is the new project from Depth One, one of Pittsburgh's most well respected and experienced bass music DJs, who has been performing in the region since 2001. Seams is focused on presenting authentic US club beats, including: Chicago Ghetto House, Bmore Club, Jersey Club, and ATL Trap, always with top notch mixing ability and track selection.


Listen to SIN-PIT on Soundcloud

Listen to Seams on Soundcloud