"Sidewalk Chalk prepares to release their fourth full-length album, An Orchid Is Born, on Ropeadope Records and produced by Grammy Award-winner Robert “Sput” Searight. This is the album that Sidewalk Chalk has truly always been trying to make -- a speeding bullet ripe with heat and rhythm that speaks to mankind’s need to cheer in the darkest of moments and to choose love over inhumanity in all things. In the band’s rebirth is an emphatic statement of purpose. This vibrant collection of transformative moments is a benchmark release for Sidewalk Chalk that marks the arrival of a powerhouse and proves that the Chicago sound machine is a phoenix rising."

"When he first started writing raps in middle school, Billy Pilgrim wanted Ras Kass’s content and Black Thought’s delivery. Every Friday, he and his friends meet at Club Tone – a name they used in reference to his friend Tony’s basement. While some played video games, Pilgrim and others recorded music. Making their own tapes, they distributed their music by hand around the neighborhood. Continuing to be influenced by the storytelling of rappers such as MF Doom and Aesop Rock, Pilgrim also found inspiration in the music of Tom Waits, Parliament Funkadelic, and Fela Kuti. He praises Waits’ versatility and range as an artist, and P-Funk’s ability to reach and uplift their audience, “they weren’t just making music, they were trying to change the way people think.” In addition to performing and recording as a solo rapper, Pilgrim is the lead vocalist for rap-rock group Mega Def. “The band members of Mega Def, a local band that prides themselves on their powerful live performance, continue the tradition of quality people making quality music,” says CBS Pittsburgh."

"Born and raised in Chicago, by a single mother disappointed in his career aspirations, Amir Miles takes his rebellious ambition into an overly saturated Alternative R&B genre that's desperately in need of a new sound. Though Amir immediately looks and sounds like the long lost love child of The Weeknd and Bruno Mars, he’ll be the first to let you know he’s an Indie kid at heart. Growing up on bands like The Shins, The Avalanches, Interpol, and others, has allowed Amir to cultivate a solid artistic foundation as you can hear these influences bleed into his work. And though most would assume he's been serenading audiences and pulling at heart strings before he could walk, it’s only been 3 years since Amir first picked up a mic. During this short period making music, he has opened for top performers Lil Dicky, Lupe Fiasco, and GZA from the Wu Tang Clan. His recent single, "Bad Habits", has been featured on top Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, and The United States Viral 50 chart. This young, burgeoning new artist is hitting his stride, and definitely someone to look out for in 2017."

Tickets: $10