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Kate Teague

Label: Muscle Beach Records
Genre: Alternative / Indie
Hometown: Oxford, MS

"Mississippi-based Kate Teague has just released one of the strongest debuts we’ve heard so far this year." - The Line of Best Fit

"an exquisitely dreamy new jam from Mobile, Alabama native (and now Oxford, Mississippi-based) Kate Teague" - Gorilla Vs. Bear

"Led by a crystalline trickle of guitar, the song’s charm comes from the subtle adornments and, most pertinently, by Teague’s wonderful lead voice that takes on a character all of its own, swooning, heartfelt, and, seemingly, always just out of reach, wrapped up in its own cloud of mystery, despite the wholeheartedness of its display." - Gold Flake Paint


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Julie Odell

Label: Sickbay

Genre: Folk Rock/Alternative

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

"When Julie Odell’s lips open to sing, it’s the sound of a chasm cracking across the sand and spilling out over welcomed ears a rush of Southern soul. Little and big, vulnerable and hollering, tingle-the-hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck soul." - Wondersouth

"Julie Odell’s music is like a secret recipe or a great bar next to your house that you’ve only just discovered. Most everyone who hears her sing knows they’ve discovered something special and can’t imagine a time before they knew she existed." - Offbeat



Morgan Erina

Morgan Erina is a singer-songwriter with a finger-picking, Indie Folk style and a raw, hauntingly ethereal voice.

A prolific composer of over 600 songs, Morgan Erina is a New York City native who has lived in Pittsburgh for the past six years. In 2009, she released her debut albums “Skeleton Butterflies” and “Whatever." From 2011 to 2014 she was one-half of the band Broken Fences, releasing the album "Broken Fences" in 2012. That album's single, "Wait" was used on the television shows Flashpoint and the Young and the Restless. She is a regular performer in both Pittsburgh and New York, playing at venues including theThree Rivers Festival, Club Cafe, Rockwood Music Hall, and the Pittsburgh Winery. She has toured the continental U.S., London, Denmark, and Germany. In October 2015, she released her solo single “October" and in May 2016 Morgan Erina released her solo EP “Lady.” She is currently performing and is looking forward to future tours.

Her album "Lady" was named as #2 on Pittsburgh radio's WYEP’s Top 5 Local Albums for 2016.