Jesse and Steph started recording an album in November of 2016 and it is ready to be mastered and then go to press. In an effort to support Steph and honor Jesse, we're getting together to dance and raise money to help pay to put out this album. The Lopez have always done everything themselves and Steph plans to do the same with this album. However, sometimes the DIY spirit includes unsolicited help from your community. Many hands make light work. Let's each do a little bit.

Music makes us feel, helps us grieve, celebrate and heal. Let's do some of this together to honor and celebrate Jesse. Come out to dance, experience some feelings, to have a drink, and to remember and honor Jesse.

Suggested donation: $10-20, sliding scale, pay what you want

All money collected will go directly to Steph to help pay for the mastering and vinyl pressing of this new album, which will be released on May 11, 2019, Jesse's birthday.

If you're unable to come out on Dec. 13th, but still want to contribute, then you can send a donation directly to The Lopez at:

DJ Sets by:

Stephanie Tsong + Ricky Moslen (JELLYFISH)


Rachel Brickner + Justine Hackimer (DIVAS NITE)