SPIRIT TURNS 3.   Let's celebrate.

Free Tattoos. Free Pizza. Free Your Mind.

Performances in the Hall and in the Lodge.  Opening of the Patio and the bus bar.

This year's special guests include:

Do Make Say Think (Toronto) 

Do Make Say Think have consistently released superlative and critically acclaimed instrumental rock albums that feature highly original hybrids of psych, jazz, punk, prog and electronica. They shatter the all-too-familiar confines of generic post-rock with every album, and forge compelling instrumental rock with just the right balance of noise, melody, narrative depth, compositional acumen and inventive mixing and editing. They have fostered a devoted international audience and have toured extensively in North America, Europe and Asia over the course of their 20+ year history as a band.

Eartheater (Brooklyn) 

Under the pseudonym 'Eartheater', Alexandra Drewchin is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist based in Queens New York.  Contextually exploring incendiary subjects like alternate realities strung in the vastness of infinity, the isometrisity of time and space, the ambiguity of words, moral surreality, the evolution of sexuality in a digital age, and the nature of the mother board. 

Sleazy McQueen (Orlando) 

As owner of the record label Whiskey Disco, Sleazy McQueen has helped to give the 'Nu-Disco' scene an element of referential class. With remarkably well produced re-works and originals, the Sleazy sound combines the dirty fun of seventies funk with the hypnotic rhythms of deep house. As a dj, he has travelled from Asia to Europe, both Americas and a constant tour of the United States. His music productions have been licensed to over 100 releases, remixes & edits on labels worldwide, including, but not limited to; Virgin, Siesta, Bearfunk, Headtunes Music, Compost, Paper Recordings & House Arrest.

Joe Bickle (Los Angeles) 

The creative force behind Animal Club, Sexymodr, Lies Lies Lies and last but not least Gravy, Joe Bickle has been a vital contributor to LA's underground dance music scene for over a decade now.

Always known for squeezing out the sound of tomorrow while paying homage to the past, Joe has been a pivotal force in ushering in the sound that currently hold sway over Los Angeles, showcasing global stalwarts such as Claude Von Stroke, Sammy Dee, Seth Troxler, and M.A.N.D.Y in dark warehouses before they were household names.

w/ some of our Pittsburgh favorites:

Blak Rapp Medusa

Paul Franchyze Keys and Randraiz Wharton

Free Tattoos by Torch & Dagger Tattoo

Brought to you by Pabst Blue Ribbon



$20 Tickets