All Day Outside 12-9pm / free / all ages

All Night Inside After Party 9pm-2am / $7 / 21+

Food and Drinks by: 

Ki Pollo - empandadas

Round Corner Cantina - walking tacos

Caffe D'Amore - coffee

Reed and Co - juice + more

Leona's - ice cream sandwiches

Cold Cuts - Italian hoagies

Justin Lubecki's Caciocavallo

Pizza Boat


Outdoor Performances:


Starship Mantis - six piece funk band designed to fuse energetic dance music with technical chops

Jack Stauber


King Fez - rocks the casbah with belly dance beats.

Truth and Rites - roots rock reggae

Wreck Loose - champion piano rock

Turbosonics - surf-rock

Clara Kent

Weird Paul - lo-fi musician & original vlogger

Rhyme - rapper, dancer/choreographer, singer, and writer.

Boiled Denim - perm, sarah, jeff

Josh Barnes Bus Bazaar 


Indoor Performances:

Edhoculi - four nice, friendly dudes from Pittsburgh

Sloppy Jane (NY) - a strip club, a sitcom, a playground, and a house of God

Cultivator - real street level skate rock played by grown up hardcore kids

Patrick Haley Coyle

A Low Rose Trellis

DJs Stephanie Tsong, Ricky Moslen and Adam Shuck (Jellyfish) - new wave + italo disco + post-punk.


Horsethief Silver - handcrafted jewelry inspired by the American Southwest

Lizzee Solomon

Brian Gonnella's Spirit Walls - Live Mural Painting

La Playa with double drench slip and slide

Thank you to our amazing sponsors:

Jack Daniels

Ole Smoky


Green Mountain Energy

Red Bull