It's Ghoul on Ghoul's 1-year anniversary, and we're throwing a party with all our fave PGH podcasts to celebrate! Get too tipsy on a Tuesday and join us for a live show, dancing with DJ MB of In Bed by Ten Dance Party, a local maker raffle, tarot readings, and more!

FREE || 21+ || Doors at 7pm / Live show at 9pm

How to do it right:
1) Check out our list of participating podcasts below and rate, review, and/or subscribe to any or all of them!
2) Bring yr podcast listening device to the event and show our Friendly Raffle Folks that you've rated/reviewed/subscribed. This enters you into our raffle chock full of local treasures and merch.
3) BRING CASH for extra raffle tickets, merch, and a 50/50 raffle (Elk's Lodge old school)

Participating Podcasts:

Ghoul on Ghoul:
A supernatural sex-positive horror-comedy podcast featuring first person encounters with the supernatural.

Give Me Murder or Give Me Death:
A true crime comedy podcast with Alex Stypula and Lena Berry. Each episode is full of grisly crimes and jokey jokes.

Neon Brainiacs:
Neon Brainiacs is a Pittsburgh based podcast exploring 80s horror movies hosted by Ben and Gregg.

Peepshow Podcast:
The Peepshow Podcast: your glance at sex & social justice.

THRIFTY Podcast:
Each week host Toddy takes a guest thrifting. They gather a haul and record an episode based on our findings.

Start The Beat w/ SIKES:
Just what the world needs... another podcast. 🤙
All about PGH music & entertainment.

Werewolf Ambulance:
Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. In each episode Katie & Allen dissect, dismember and discuss a different horror movie.