The future can be confusing.

From the makers of Play Angel! Amelia! Glowworms! The Soiled Dove! Chin to the Sky! Calyx and Wealth!

Puppets, song, dance, revelry. Teleportation.

Friday and Saturday shows at 8:30 pm, doors at 8
Sunday matinee and 5:30 pm, doors at 5

$5-10 suggested donation.


Glas walks into a Tater Tot®shaped teleport and sets the dial to Hometown, only to find e didn’t dress warm enough. Plus everyone and er mom have disappeared! Only Glas’s dad Justice and three two-dimensional beings remain to hear Glas’s questions, but they give evasive answers and barely enough money for er to get back to er girlfriend Tone-ya, whose father, coincidentally??? has also gone missing. Broke, hungry, and desperate, Glas illegally! hacks into a teleport’s motherboard to retrace er steps, but er sin is detected by the Government and e is re-routed to the Salt Sea Desert. Soon e’s caught between two soft-, broken-hearted hermits who harbor secrets as dark as Outer Space in the creases of their abdomens. Will Glas be able to coax them out of their shells before er mother is whipped into the deep folds of the Universe?