FINAL VAULT 2019.jpg

the final vault BY ARTIST IAN BRILL

is a performative, audiovisual, architectural installation. Through responsive, programmatic methods, emergent, immersive behaviors and expressions evolve, encompassing the viewers, audience and performers, activating the spacious venue and unifying the perceived environment with live and DJ'd music. At various times alternating between sensual, haunting, beautiful and psychedelic, VAULT 3.0 modulates the perception of venue-space, teasing the audience with fleeting impressions and promises of the sublime. []

Schedule of Events:

10/22: OPENING NIGHT: EARTHGANG - Welcome To Mirrorland w/ BENJI., DUCKWRTH & Guapdad

10/24: Longturn Presents: Pleasurekraft

10/25: LazerCrunk Halloween w/ J:KENZO (UK) w/ KEEB$, Eryn Evans, and PVKSVSV

10/26: SPIRIT's 5th Annual Halloween Costume Contest & The Final Vault w/ TObacco

10/31: Hauntsville: A Higher Realm

11/01: Attack Theatre's The Get Down

11/02: The Japanese House w/ Our Girl

11/08: Longturn Presents: Reverie w/ Jody Wisternoff

11/09: Make Sure You Have Fun 2-year anniversary Party

11/14: TASTE

11/15: Dreamers w/ Arrested Youth and Irontom

11/16: Lady Lamb w/ Tōth

11/17: This Will Destroy You w/ Christopher Tignor

11/21: Spirit Presents A Rooftop Garden Benefit Dinner

11/22: In Bed By Ten Dance Party

11/23: Dissolv Presents: Lee Reynolds

11/27: Make Sure You Have Fun Presents: Thanxgiving 4 2019

11/29: CLOSING PARTY: Wiggin 'Aht


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